Anonymous asked:
the url you have up for your main blog goes to an empty blog. what's your main blog, and what do you post about?

ah, thanks for letting me know! my main tumblr is here. it’s ~multi~ fandom so i post/reblog a lot of stuff. but i guess the stuff i post mostly is game of thrones, once upon a time, reign, the walking dead, and idk quite a lot of stuff. (:


Enjoying Doctor Who gets so much easier if you just accept the fact that it’s a 50 year old show that constantly changes and evolves and that different writers will always have different interpretations of the Doctor, and different ideas on the how the storyline should progress 

doctor who meme!

  • one doctor
  • two quotes
  • three colours
  • four brotps
  • five otps
  • six companions
  • seven outfits
  • eight planets/times
  • nine scenes
  • ten episodes